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The brainchild of One Degree Educational Foundation, Beaneez is an initiative started with the belief that education is the only factor that can bring about a change in the thought process of our society. We strongly consider investing in a child's development from the early years, as the most important contribution we can make. Thus, came into existence Beaneez; conceptualizing small sprouted beans nourished with care.

A playground of fun & laughter, joy & happiness of tiny tots hopping around with curious eyes glinting with vibrancy- Beaneez is the place to be. That age of 3 years and above, called the magic years are the phase in life for a child to run free, explore, cherish and enjoy their childhood. We couple this experience with an environment fostered for the physical, mental, emotional and social growth & development of kids. Offering them opportunities to learn through experiences and apply their knowledge to understand and manage things flawlessly.


Nurture a well-balanced future generation.


Cherish the young minds to enrich learning, help them develop knowledge and enhance skills needed for their holistic development.

Beaneez Avenue

We uniquely cater to Preschool/Kindergarten, Day Care and After School services. Welcome to Nursery is the continuation step offered for the outgoing kids of preschool and kindergarten programmes of Beaneez as well other students. The integrated programs and innovative methodologies at Beaneez give us an enhanced brand value.
Parent Connect
My Child Aaron has had a very positive learning experience at Beaneez. 
Aaron | Trivandrum
My Child Riya has had a very positive learning experience at Beaneez. You have made a great difference for our child. Your patience and special care have helped her to believe in herself.
George | Trivandrum
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