Our Approach

Learning is a continuous process where knowledge is conceived through reflection on experience. Sometimes learning without experience doesn’t make sense right away, one needs to unlearn and learn again. Today, the process of learning has taken different flavors in the human minds. The process of natural learning is by-gone with an era of rote willed processes being adopted with an imperative nature. This practice is widely evident in our educational system and the traditional seeds are sowed right from the primary days of a child limiting them to a certain realm when it comes to creative and critical thinking.

One Degree promotes experiential learning, inspiring students to learn with experience and work towards breaking the walls of inhibitions and come out with fresh innovations to impart education with a blend of tested modern techniques. It is a drive to provide an extra effort that can be contributed to the field of education and produce a generation with a vision for the holistic development of skills, values, traditions and effective contribution to the society through the power of Knowledge distribution and self-learning. Every person has a unique talent and we provide a platform to develop those talents and believe in preparing and empowering students to succeed by achieving goals and pursuing excellence.

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